Do you love fashion?

Do people often ask you where you got your clothes?

Do you love our brand and style?

Do you have a great social media presence?

If so, then have you considered becoming a fashion ambassador?

You want to become an online influencer, right?

You want free clothes and to get paid, right?

You need to grow your follower list first. You need to prove you have what it takes to drive customers and brand awareness.

Believe us, messaging brands about sponsorship does not work, we get hundreds of messages every month and simply cannot reply to all of them.

Brands actively target influencers and celebrities that are already established, have a proven record of driving brand awareness and already have a large network of followers.

So how do you become established, how do you achieve the track record of driving brand awareness, our Ambassador Programme might be the answer for you.

Tier 1

Typically 0-30K followers

You’ll receive;

  • 30% off your first order
  • 20% lifetime discount code to promote
  • 10% commission on every order placed!

Take your photos and post on social, #lololondon @lololondon in your posts to show us you are promoting.

It’s that simple! If you take good pictures we’ll even post these on our main page & tag you!

Tier 2

Typically 30K-100K followers

If you prove you’re able to take great photos, get great engagement on your posts, then we’ll consider moving you up to tier 2.

In this tier you’ll get all the benefits of the 1st tier but we’ll also provide you with free clothes!

We may even ask you to join us on a photoshoot!

Tier 3

Typically +100K followers

At this level you’re likely already a well established, proven influencer.

Not only will you benefit from everything above but well also consider paying you per post!

Sound interesting? Believe you have what it takes?

Contact us below or DM us on Instagram to find out more!


    “Why do I have to place an order?”

    This is not simply a way to get free clothes, this is a business proposal. If you are serious about becoming an ambassador then so are we.

    Place an order to show us you can take a good picture, drive customers and engagement.

    “Why can’t I just have free clothes?”

    Each item costs us money to design, produce and import. Anything we give away free costs us, therefore we can only provide free clothes once you’ve proven yourself and have moved up to tier 2.

    “How are my customers and orders tracked?”

    We will provide you with a unique promotional code to use in your posts. The use of that code by any customer at checkout shows the order belongs to you.

    We will also provide you with a unique URL. Any traffic driven to this URL, which subsequently converts into a sale, shows the order belongs to you.

    “How do I get paid”

    Each month we will check all orders from our ambassadors using their unique promotional code or URL.

    We can calculate the total revenue from all the orders to work out the commission owed to you. We can then either credit your loyalty card or send the commission directly to your back account.